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Below are common questions and answers in relation to the DA mapping system. If you have further questions which are not answered here, please contact your local SARA regional office.

How do I use the DA mapping system?

Use the DA mapping system to confirm site details and to see relevant matters of state interest for a particular site.

Within the interactive map viewer you can search for locations across Queensland. Using the Legend navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen, you can switch available layers on and off to view how your search location is impacted by matters of interest in development assessment.

If you need to lodge or refer your development application to SARA you can use the MyDAS system.

Why don't all state interests have mapping layers?

Where does the mapping come from?

If there is a map layer over my property, what does this mean?

Why doesn't anything happen when I click on the link?

How do I reset the search function?

In what format do I enter my real property description?

How do I print the current map?

I can't see all of the layers identified in the matters of interest list?

How can I see an aerial image of my site?

Why doesn't the aerial image match up with my site boundaries?

Why isn't my map printing?

My internet browser is unable to display the map?

My property doesn't appear when I search my address, what does this mean?

The system seems really slow, can I speed it up?

I cannot see the background imagery on my lot, how can I fix this?

The mapping system shows a layer over my site that I know does not occur on the site.

Where can I seek assistance or find further information?

What are base layers?

What are priority development areas?

What are areas of regional interest/regional plans layers?

What are SARA layers?

How do I use the measure tool in the DA mapping system?

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On 3 July 2017, Queensland started operating under new planning legislation – the Planning Act 2016. Information on this page relates to the previous legislation – the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Learn more about the new planning system.