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Councils are invited to participate in the Local Government Capacity Building Program Plan 2015-16. This program will focus on:

  • brokering and/or delivering targeted capacity building programs
  • providing support in financial management and governance practices to councils
  • assisting councils to identify opportunities with other councils, to build capacities and efficiencies.

This program will include targeted training programs, online resources and brokering training and professional development programs.

The Department will focus on assisting local governments to meet their statutory obligations, demonstrate good governance and financial management and help facilitate long-term sustainability.

Local government elections will be held in Queensland on Saturday, 19 March 2016 and this has also influenced the current capacity building program. There will be training and programs on pre-election, the election and councillor inductions.

The Local Government Capacity Building Program Plan 2015-16 will feature:

  1. Community awareness and Councillor Induction programs to support the 2016 local government elections.
    1. Intending Candidates seminars (October/November 2015)
    2. Interactive Councillor Induction training programs (commencing in April 2016)

  2. Diploma of Local Government Administration program
    1. Scholarships for up to sixty local government officers and other suitably-qualified candidates are available for this nationally-accredited program.

  3. Councillor complaints management training
    1. Complaints management for mayors and chief executive officers (CEOs) including alleged inappropriate conduct.

  4. Financial reporting training
    1. Local Government statutory and financial reporting training for council finance manager and other officers.

  5. Rating by Indigenous councils
    1. Information sessions for Indigenous councils to identify rateable land and develop a rating-compliant budget for 2016-17.

  6. Good governance training for local governments
    1. In-house good governance training programs. Delivered on request to individual and groups of councils.

  7. Online resources
    1. Online resources are continually being developed and reviewed to meet local government legislation and good governance practices.

For more information about the above programs and how to nominate contact us or call 07 3452 6744.