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The department leads the development of infrastructure policy, planning and investment prioritisation for the state. The government is delivering a coordinated and integrated approach to infrastructure that will build industry confidence and generate jobs and economic growth, as well as improve liveability. Find out more about Queensland infrastructure and our engagement with the Australian Government below.

Infrastructure planning and policy

The department provides infrastructure leadership in Queensland through a whole-of-government approach to the planning, investment, delivery and management of infrastructure.

Local government infrastructure

The Queensland Government helps local governments plan and provide infrastructure for their communities. Local government infrastructure includes water supply and reticulation, sewage treatment, local roads, stormwater management, parks and community facilities.

Federal and state cooperation

The department is the backbone of Queensland Government infrastructure policy and planning, engaging with the Australian Government on a number of matters.

Economic Development Queensland

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is the state government's commercialised business unit for urban, regional, residential and industrial development with its primary focus to drive economic growth in Queensland through property and infrastructure partnership.