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In January 2013, ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald devastated the Bundaberg region. Approximately:

  • 2400 properties were destroyed or damaged
  • 7000 people were evacuated
  • 600 businesses were damaged.

As a result of this devastation, the Queensland Government has determined to develop a 10-year action plan for major flood mitigation in Bundaberg.

A 10-year action plan for Bundaberg

The Bundaberg flood protection study is a vital component of the Queensland Government's commitment to develop a 10-year action plan for major flood mitigation works in the Bundaberg region.

Building on the work done by the Bundaberg Regional Council, the 10-year action plan will harness the collective knowledge of the Bundaberg community, experts and government to prioritise cost-effective flood mitigation solutions for Bundaberg's people, homes, businesses and economy.

Delivering the plan

  • Flood review: The government engaged Jacobs, an internationally recognised engineering firm, to undertake an independent review of previous flood studies, floodplain risk management plans and the community consultation process.
  • Consultation: An extensive community engagement program, held from 4 to 29 November, captured local knowledge about flooding events and ideas for solutions—enabling Bundaberg residents to be active contributors to the future of flood mitigation.
  • Delivery: The Bundaberg flood protection study is due to be completed in the second quarter of 2016. The 10-year action plan for major flood mitigation works in Bundaberg will follow.

Stage 1: review and consultation outcomes now available

Stage 1 of the independent study was undertaken by Jacobs in November 2015. The study involved a review of previous flood studies and a public consultation period to capture local knowledge about flooding and potential flood solutions.

This is the first phase of consultation in the development of the 10-year action plan for major flood mitigation works in the Bundaberg region.

The outcomes of this consultation and Jacobs' independent reviews are now available for public review. Please refer to downloadable documents in the resources section below. Full review reports will be available in January 2016.

We appreciate the valuable contribution the community has made to existing studies and again, to this most recent one.

Stage 2 is expected to commence in early 2016 and will include further assessment of flood risk management options. This stage will include consideration of implementation issues such as funding prioritisation and construction delivery.